8 Ways to Control Your Experience Modification Rating



8 Ways to Control Your Experience Modification Rating


An experience modification factor, or mod, is a very important component used in calculating your workers’ compensation premium.  Controlling your mod will help you control your premium.  Listed below are 8 ways to help control your mod.


  1. Make safety a priority.
  2. Develop a written safety plan and train all employees in their responsibilities.
  3. Set safety performance goals and reward all employees when the goals are met.
  4. Investigate accidents immediately and thoroughly.
  5. Report all claims to your insurance carrier immediately.
  6. Provide a light duty return to work policy for all employees upon treatment release.
  7. In lost time cases, communicate with the claims adjuster and employee frequently.
  8. Have scheduled safety meeting to discuss accidents, near misses and improvements.

As the business owner you are responsible to provide a safe working environment.  With proper communication and training, accidents will be reduced.  Reducing accidents will improve employee efficiency and reduce your overall operating cost.


Justin Mills

Corporate Risk Services, LLC.