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Workplace Safety



Workplace injuries will cost you money, time and so much more.  On-the-job injuries will cost your company in medical bills and deplete your profits if you have an employee that is unable to work.  To ensure workplace safety, both the management and the employees must work together to maintain a safe working environment.


Management’s Safety Role

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) established the OSH Act of 1970 which requires employers to provide workplaces free from serious recognizable hazards.  It is the responsibility of the management to make sure the OSHA guidelines are followed and that every employee is aware of the procedures and is properly trained.


Employee Safety Role

As an employee, you are responsible for following all of the safety procedures set forth by your management.  This may include attending regularly scheduled safety meetings, reviewing standard operating procedures or wearing all required personal protective equipment.


If you believe that your workplace is unsafe, bring this to your supervisor’s attention.  Under the OSH Act, you will not be penalized for bringing these concerns to the management’s attention.  To ensure a safe and cost effective workplace, everyone must keep safety as the primary focus.


Justin Mills

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