Jobsite Housekeeping

Jobsite Housekeeping


When you think of housekeeping what comes to mind?  Most people think that you are talking about your residence.  While keeping your residence clean is a novel idea, it is also very important for your jobsite. Good housekeeping is one of the most effective ways to reduce jobsite accidents.  Consider the following housekeeping tips to keep your jobsite safer.

  • Store materials and tools in a specific location, away from foot traffic.
  • Safely store tools with the sharp edges pointing downward.
  • Promptly and properly dispose of combustible materials.
  • Pick up stray items to prevent tripping hazards.
  • Remove or bend over protruding nails on scrap lumber.
  • Continuously clean your jobsite throughout the day versus waiting until the end because your risk of injury increases as the day carries on.

Encourage your coworkers to participate in the housekeeping efforts so the jobsite will remain safe for everyone.  When you are able to reduce accidents, you reduce your operating cost, which will allow more cash flow back into your business.


Justin Mills

Corporate Risk Services, LLC.