Holiday Workplace Safety

Holiday Workplace Safety


During the holiday season there are many extra distractions around your workplace that can cause unnecessary injury.  Today we will discuss a few of the major causes of injuries and steps to prevent them.

Christmas Decorations are wonderful to view but the process of getting the decorations out of boxes and onto the tree causes hundreds of on the job injuries per year.  This happens by reaching for boxes, improper lifting of boxes, and missing ladder steps.  Remember to use proper lifting techniques for any type of lifting.  Always make sure that all electrical cords are free of damage and that they are properly secured when used in traffic areas.

Walkways are another major cause of work related injury due to winter weather conditions.  Always make sure your walkways and parking areas are as clear as possible and treat with some type of ice melt to prevent refreezing.  Remember to place “Wet Floor” signs inside by the doorway to remind employees and customers that the floor may be slick.

While not all injuries can be prevented, using proper technique and common sense will go a long way in reducing your workplace injuries.  Remember when injuries are lower, insurance premiums are lower.


We would like to wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday season.


Justin Mills

Coporate Risk Services, LLC