Legal Notice

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Midwest Risk Management Services, Inc., strongly believes in protecting the confidentiality and security of information we collect about you. This notice describes our privacy policy and describes how we treat the information we receive (“Information”) about you.

Why We Collect and How We Use Information:

We collect and use Information for business purposes with respect to our insurance products and services and other business relations involving you. We gather this Information to evaluate your request for insurance, to evaluate your insurance claims, to administer, maintain or review your insurance policy, and to process your insurance transactions. We also accumulate certain Information about you as may be required or permitted by law.

How We Collect Information:

We obtain most Information directly from you. The Information that you provide on applications or other forms generally provide the Information we need. If we need to verify Information or need additional Information, we may obtain Information from other sources such as: consumer reporting agencies, other institutions or Information services providers, third party administrators, employers, or other insurers. Information collected may relate to your finances, employment, as well as transactions with us or with others, including brokers.

Information We Disclose

We disclose any Information, which we believe is necessary to conduct our business as permitted by applicable law or where required by applicable law. This disclosure may include Information we receive from you on applications or other forms provided to us, and Information about your transactions with us and our brokers, such as policy coverages, claims, Information we receive from a consumer-reporting agency, such as credit worthiness and credit history. Information may be disclosed to others, including brokers and third party administrators to enable them to provide business services for us such as helping us to evaluate request for insurance or benefits, to obtain competitive bids, to perform general administrative activities such as maintaining existing accounts, or to otherwise assist us in servicing our product or service requested or authorized by you. Information may also be disclosed for audit purposes.

To Whom We Disclose Information

We may, as permitted or required by applicable law, disclose your Information to nonaffiliated third parties, such as: independent claims adjusters; insurance support organizations; actuarial organizations; law firms; other insurance companies involved in an insurance transaction with you; law enforcement, regulatory, or governmental agencies; courts or parties therein pursuant to a subpoena or court order.

How We Protect Information

We require our employees to protect the confidentiality of Information as required by applicable law. Access to Information by our employees is limited to administering, offering, servicing, processing or maintaining of our services. When we share or provide Information to other persons or organizations, we contractually obligate them, if required by law, to treat Information as confidential and conform to our privacy policy and applicable laws and regulations.

Correction and Access to Information

Upon our receipt of your written request to us, we will, generally, make available Information for your review. If you believe the Information we have about you is incorrect or inaccurate, you may request that we make any necessary corrections, additions or deletions. If we agree with your belief, we will correct our records if required by applicable law. If we do not agree, you may submit to us a short statement of dispute, which we will include in any future disclosure by us of such Information if required by applicable law.

Requirements for Privacy Notice

This privacy notice is being provided due to federal and state laws and regulations establishing privacy standards and requires us to provide this privacy policy. For additional information regarding our privacy policy, please write to us at:

Midwest Risk Management Services, Inc., 5502 Walsh Lane, Suite 103, Rogers, AR 72758