Our Workers’ Compensation Programs

Healthcare Workers’ Compensation Program

For non-California based risks generating between $10,000 and $150,000 in premium, we exclusively offer a Workers’ Compensation program designed for the Long-Term and Acute Care Industries.

Risks with governing class codes of 8824, 8825, 8826, 8829, 8832, 8833, or 9040, and experience mods <1.25 are eligible.

Completed Supplemental Application, available HERE, must be included with any submission for this Program.

Submission Requirements

  • Completed ACORD 125 (Applicant Information Section) and 130 (Workers’ Compensation) Apps
  • Loss Runs: Current year plus four prior years’, currently valued
  • Current E-Mod Worksheet
  • Narrative of all losses >$25k
  • Completed Supplemental App (if applicable)

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